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VFCCE scholarships and fellowships are the gifts that help to unlock lifetimes of potential.

Direct tuition assistance can help promising students across the Commonwealth prepare for in-demand careers within their local communities.

By virtually every measure, a college degree is a passport to a better life. From personal growth to greater career opportunities, the power of higher education is undeniable. However, not enough Virginia residents are able to take advantage of this opportunity because of rising tuition costs.

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A College Education is Attainable

Tuition at a four-year public university in Virginia averages approximately $12,000 per year. At that rate, student debt can accumulate at an alarming pace, and fear of that snowballing debt is enough to make many students drop out before ever earning a degree.

Quality education at an affordable price is where community colleges truly shine. When financial aid and scholarships are included, the out-of-pocket cost for a two-year associate degree at one of Virginia’s community colleges drops well below $4,000 for most students. This investment in our students is one of the best decisions you can make in a rapidly expanding job market that demands new and specialty skills.

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“I’ve been extremely lucky because of this support system that’s permitted me to maximize my education dollars instead of taking on student debt which could limit my job options post-university. My Fellowship means that I can focus on finding a career best suited to me instead of merely one that can pay my student loans.”

Graduate, Valley Proteins Fellow

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Supporter-Created Scholarships and Fellowships

Florence Levine Berman Scholarship

Ms. Berman emigrated with her family to the U.S. far from the devastating effects of the Holocaust. She came to realize that through all the sacrifice, one thing was a constant beacon of hope: education. Ms. Berman became a champion of the community college concept and continued her education throughout her life via community college classes. Her daughter, Eleanor Saslaw, a member of the State Board of Community Colleges, established the Florence Levine Berman Scholarship in honor of her mother’s love of learning.

LaVonne Parker Ellis Scholarship

A member of the State Board of Community Colleges, LaVonne Parker Ellis lived, breathed, and loved community college education. She established a scholarship in 2015 that included the VFCCE in her estate plans, and today her spirit lives on in ongoing support for students who receive her scholarship.

Chris A. Lumsden Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship serves as a tribute to Mr. Lumsden, an exemplary leader in health care and champion for higher education. These funds provide financial assistance to students at Southside Virginia or Danville Community Colleges and lead to job placement within Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital.

Potomac Health Foundation Fellowship

The Potomac Health Foundation Fellows Program provides financial assistance and a unique leadership curriculum to second-year students who demonstrate a preference to pursue a career in health care that involves direct patient care or a career that supports healthy communities. Applicants must attend Germanna or Northern Virginia Community College full-time and reside in the following zip codes: 20112, 22025, 22026, 22079, 22125, 22134, 22172, 22191, 22192, 22193, 22554, and 22556.

Anthem Healthkeepers Fellowship

Launched in Fall 2023, the Anthem Healthkeepers Fellows program supports second-year, full-time students in Southwest or rural Virginia who are aspiring leaders in health care. Chosen students are pursuing an associate degree in nursing, allied health, or a career that supports healthy communities, such as counseling or social work. The Commonwealth will benefit from the commitment and compassion of this next generation of leaders.

Virginia Banking Fellowship

In partnership with the Virginia Bankers Association Education Foundation, the Virginia Banking Fellows Program provides opportunities for students to attend a Virginia community college to pursue their academic goals, strengthen their leadership skills and learn more about the banking industry. Virginia Banking Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in online banking industry training and a variety of industry networking and educational events.

Supporter Spotlight

Karen and Steve Barrs are equipping Virginians with the tools they need to strengthen their lives, families, and community. The Barrs created EquipVA, a scholarship fund for college students working toward a professional certification at Rappahannock Community College or Thomas Nelson Community College.

Karen and Steve Barrs
Owners, Little England Mercantile

Karen and Steve Barrs

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